My story

Hi! I'm Lucy Kilpatrick---a keyboardist from a little known area called Richmond, Virginia. I am currently on my own musical journey that I hope you will enjoy as well. Currently I am about to release my first project called "InnerMission" on Oct. 27th. It is an instrumental CD filled with soul, R&B, hints of jazz, rock and gospel---styles I have always heard and loved from my youth.

I was born in Washington, DC and lived there for my first 9 years, playing music (jamming) with my brother who plays guitar. I think my first instrument was a clothes hamper, but I shortly graduated to the piano where I copied whatever I heard (brother's music lessons, the radio, the tv commercials...) and made them into my own songs. I think I decided pretty much then that this was all I really wanted to do. We then moved to Reston, Virginia, where music continued to be a staple in my life. I found my musical niche as a keyboardist in a high school (Oakton High) jazz band, and from there attended Shenandoah College and Conservatory of Music.

During my years at Shenandoah I was able to tour overseas and eventually land here in Richmond currently working locally with several bands and traveling whenever possible. I have been truly blessed to call this my occupation---(even though I am also a kindergarten teacher--shhhh!!)